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VTKHDF/vtkHDFReader: add temporal overlappingAMR


It isn't possible to store temporal overlapping AMR with the VTKHDF File Format 2.1.


A proposal on discourse has been made here. In short, we add an intermediary group between Step and Point/Cell/FieldDataOffsets named LevelX where X is the current level. Additional datasets has been added to store temporal AMRBox:

  • AMRBoxOffsets : to retrieve for the current timestep where we should start to read the AMRBox
  • NumberOfAMRBox : to retrieve for the current timestep, the number of box contained in the AMRBox
Diagram for temporal OverlappingAMR




  • rename, in doc and class, transient to temporal as we don't use the correct term which is ambiguous
Edited by Lucas Givord

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