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[ROS][feat] Extract slice and estimate area

Julia Sanchez requested to merge ROS/feat/ExtractSection into master


Add a functionality to the aggregation node to extract a slice and to compute the inner area.


  • Add a callback in aggregation node to get the SLAM pose
    • When a pose is received, the closest points are extracted using the voxel grid. The outer voxels are used.
    • Those points are projected on a plane built using the local trajectory part.
    • A circular histogram is built from the trajectory position to store the points
    • A boundary pointcloud is built from this histogram
    • The pointcloud is used to estimate the area of the polygon
  • Add 2 publishers : the slice points and the area as a float64 message

Commands to reproduce the results




catkin build --cmake-args -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release


  • Enable the slice computation in aggregation parameters file :
  enable: true         # Enable or disable the slice extraction and the area computation
  traj_length: 1.      # Length of trajectory to consider to define the slice plane
  width: 0.2           # Width of the pointcloud slice to take to create the slice projection
  max_dist: 4.         # Maximal distance of the points from the trajectory position onto the slice plane
  angle_resolution: 3. # Resolution of the slice in degrees from the trajectory position

roslaunch lidar_slam slam_ouster.launch outdoor:=false aggregate:=true

rosbag play --clock -d 2 path/to/fast-filtered.bag.bag /wire_converted:=wheel_odom

Check results


rostopic echo /slice_area


slice slice2


What remains to solve

Problem when doing back and forth and points were acquired on the robot. In a future MR the aggregation node should be updated so the close points are removed.

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