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[ROS2][Refact] Replace device_id by frame_id

Tong Fu requested to merge ROS2/refact/ReplaceDeviceId into feat/ROS2


The last update of feat/ROS2 w.r.t master is up to MR !272 (merged):

commit 70beae853fc5ee7ba20dfe84c4e398e22bee8d5e
Merge branch 'ROS/feat/ForceMultiLidar' into 'master' 

This MR has goal to update feat/ROS2 until MR !293 (merged):

commit 50270238935280c7036d2090ceeaccb986587476
Merge branch 'ROS/fix/build/FixCompilationWithPCL' into 'master' 

The following MRs are concerned:


Add missing documentation for multilidar use

To catch up MR !322 (merged):

  • Add namespace for external sensor and pgo constraint in ros2 wrapping.

To catch MR !315 (merged) and MR !327 (merged):

  • Replace device_id by frame_id that the information can be obtained from lidar frame header in ros2_wrapping
  • Remove functions, parameters who are relevant to device_id of LidarPoint since device_id is removed from LidarPoint.
  • Uniformize lower case for lambda function

Update MR !301 (merged) ([fix] Update CI) into feat/ROS2

Update MR !293 (merged) (build][fix][ROS] Fix build issues)

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