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[PV] Add Reset button and outputs options in Paraview filter

Nicolas Cadart requested to merge feature/AddParaviewFilterOutputsOptions into master
  • Add a Reset state button to clear maps and trajectory and reset current pose to Identity. This is useful to reset the SLAM filter without deleting and re-adding it (and thus keeping user-set parameters).
  • Add options to disable SLAM maps and/or keypoints extracted from current frame outputs. The conversions from pcl::PointCloud<Slam::Point> to vtkPolyData are really time-consuming (PV wrapping has an overhead of nearly 40% on top of SLAM algorithm for VLP16). If the user don't need them, he can decide to disable these outputs : in this case, they will still exist but be empty.
  • Add AxisAngle representation for pose orientation. This representation is mandatory to save output Trajectory poly data into a .poses file.

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