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  • v1.0.0   Release 1.0.0

    Announcement: iMSTK 1.0.0

    We are introducing Interactive Medical Simulation Toolkit (iMSTK)-a free & open source software toolkit written in C++ that aids rapid prototyping of interactive multi-modal surgical simulations.

    For more information, visit our website



    • Cross-platform build
    • CMake automated superbuild
    • Test infrastructure (via google test)
    • Continuous Integration
    • Scene and simulation management
    • Vulkan and VTK rendering backends
    • Advanced rendering: Physically based rendering, Subsurface scattering, Decals, Shadows,
    • Graphical overlays (Vulkan backend only)
    • Standard user controls (pause, run, exit, pan-zoom-rotate)
    • SteamVR support including (Oculus, HTC Vive (VTK backend only)
    • Finite elements (linear, co-rotational, non-linear formulations)
    • Position based dynamics
    • Penalty and constraint-based collision handling
    • Linear solvers: Direct and Iterative matrix solvers
    • Non-linear Newton solver
    • Collision detection (CCD, Spatial hash based collision, narrow phase queries)
    • External device support (VRPN)
    • Support for standard mesh input formats (.obj, .dae, .fbx., .stl, .vtk, .vtu, etc.)
    • Asynchronous logging (using g3log)
    • Audio support
    • Haptic rendering (OpenHaptics)

    Contributors for this release

    Venkata Sreekanth Arikatla, Alexis Girault, Nicholas Boris Milef, Ricardo Ortiz, Thien Nguyen, Rachel Clipp, Mohit Tyagi, Samantha Horvath, Jean-Baptiste Vimort, Sean Radigan, David Thompson, Dženan Zukić, Mayeul Chassagnard, Tansel Halic, Hina Shah, Andinet Enquobahrie, Hong Li, Shusil Dangi