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Jacobi solver for PBD

  • Fix ReducedFEM
  • Fix some warnings in PbdModel
  • Add Jacobi solver
    • Add Jacobi to non-collision solver
    • Add Jacobi to collision solver
  • a bug that I just found: if PbdModel is initialized with Jacobi but switched to GS later, constraints will not be partitioned.
  • Fix a bug in PBDModel::partitionConstraints that caused partitionedConstraints to be empty.
  • Fix on a memory issue that causes large meshes to crush; It turned out the Welsh Powell coloring is the main cause of the issue.
  • Add a new case, PBDSpeed, for PBD performance testing.
  • It's better to have a test for coloring.
  • Andrew's suggestion: separate GS and Jacobi into 2 classes
  • Format the code
Edited by Jianfeng Yan

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