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Fix for invalid XPointer in XDMF output if `XdmfDomain::accept()` is called more than once...

CrayzeeWulf requested to merge crayzeewulf/xdmf:fix-issue-0002 into master

If XdmfDomain::accept() is called more than once on the same XdmfDomain object then the XPointers in the resulting .xmf file are invalid.

For example, if the last line of the example file


is replaced with two calls to accept():


then the resulting .xmf file is corrupted and contains invalid XPointers.

(See crayzeewulf/xdmf#2)

After this fix multiple calls to XdmfDomain::accept() produce the same XPointers in the resulting .xmf file. Need to run other unit tests to make sure this does not break anything else.

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