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    Very judicious use of sed, vtkOpenGL2* -> vtkOpenGL* · a6a584b1
    Marcus D. Hanwell authored
    This now gives us a vtkRenderingOpenGL2 that has most of the same
    classes as vtkRenderingOpenGL - the two will clobber each other's
    headers, symbols etc and so can never be built/linked at the same
    Unfortunately a lot of classes SafeDownCast or dynamic_cast to the
    derived OpenGL forms of the classes in vtkRenderingCore, and so
    using a different class name presented significant issues despite
    the fact that these classes are (in an ideal world) implementations
    of the API in vtkRenderingCore for OpenGL 2.1 and above.
    Change-Id: Ie8c6234621e550d3fd67da732d2cf4839290d665
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