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    Adding support to use MPI based tests in Testing/External · 94d2cd0a
    Nikhil Shetty authored
    There were a bunch of MPI tests failing when tests were built using
    Testing/External. This was because MPI support was not brought in.
    In VTK this support was brought in throught code in
    Parallel/MPI/CMakeLists.txt. and since vtkMPIParallel was the root
    modules for all MPI based modules it ensured that the environment was
    brought in for every MPI based modules.
    The MPI testing support logic was separated into another file named
    vtkTestingMPISupport.cmake which was included at appropriate locations.
    Change-Id: I2fa4cb023b77eb9aeb5c818e3625263b616ca42b
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