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Move Web Python dependencies to extras_require

Bane Sullivan requested to merge banesullivan/vtk:web-extra-deps into master

@ben.boeckel and @sebastien.jourdain, please review.

@ben.boeckel, the base branch is release, is that correct?

This should unblock the Python 3.11 wheel release.

This changes the Python wheel to no longer have wslink's (and thus aiohttp's) dependency stack as a hard requirement (which is currently blocking the 3.11 wheel release) and a rather significant stack to force on all users. This will make installing VTK a much lighter operation by not pulling additional dependencies by default.

I modified this so that a new requirements_web.txt file is generated by Cmake when the Web module is enabled. That file is then dynamically read by the generated file to add a web section of the extra_requires with these dependencies.

For trame and web module users moving forward, they will need to install vtk as pip install vtk[web]

Backport: paraview/release
Backport: release

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