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vtkEnSightWriter: write .case file in RequestData

This fixes paraview/paraview#18242 (closed), the long-standing issue that Paraview doesn't write .case file when saving EnSight Gold data, so that the resulting files cannot be subsequently used in EnSight, Paraview, etc. unless one creates the .case file manually.

vtkEnSightWriter is a parallel writer, running with multiple processes will prouduce multiple sets of geometry and variable files. This change adds a .case file (, etc.) for each process, as well as one .sos file that links the individual .case pieces together. The .sos file was also missing from the Paraview output, though I didn't find an issue mentioning it.

Note that currently there seems to be some issue that vtkEnSightWriter writes full data from each process, see paraview/paraview#21672

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