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Find Correct OpenGL Headers For Emscripten Toolchain

Fixes Issue #18263 (closed)

Emscripten provides a Modules/FindOpenGL.cmake that sets OPENGL_INCLUDE_DIR = ${EMSCRIPTEN_ROOT_PATH}/system/include. But this is unfortunately overriden by VTK's own FindOpenGL.cmake that finds the OpenGL headers under ${EMSCRIPTEN_SYSROOT}

${EMSCRIPTEN_SYSROOT} also has other c/c++ API headers like 'alltypes.h', 'fstream', 'cmath', 'iterator', 'deque' etc. All those headers conflict with the ones inherently added by clang (emsdk/upstream/lib/clang/14.0.0/include/*) leading to multiple redefinition errors as reported in #18263 (closed)

I added a temporary fix that gets it going for the moment. This could be better handled if Emscripten was an officially supported CMake platform rather than using the independent Modules/Platform/Emscripten.cmake they provide.

There appears to be some motivation to do this in cmake/cmake#18423 3 years back. I guess it stalled somewhere down the road..

Backport: release

Edited by Ben Boeckel

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