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New deprecation macros

Ben Boeckel requested to merge ben.boeckel/vtk:new-deprecation-macros into master

There might be some SFINAE we could do to actually disappear the declarations for non-VTK users that want to get compile errors for APIs other than some API, but this requires conditional expansion based on arguments which isn't well supported with macros. However problems with that:

  • what happens if I disappear a virtual method? allocations and accesses are now off-by-one?
  • only really works for methods; members and class deprecations are in the dark

Fixes: #17894 (closed)

Cc: @utkarsh.ayachit @brad.king @tjcorona @dcthomp
For deprecated APIs ported in this MR: @mwestphal @yohann.bearzi @ken-martin @danlipsa

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