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vtkADIOS2CoreImageReader: fix several bugs in reader

This issue was posted to ADIOS about a problem visualizing arrays with different orientations. While fixing this bug, I came across several other bugs.

  • Original issue was due to using the block dimensions of the first array loaded in instead of the array that was actually selected
  • Running in parallel didn't work if you changed properties. Setting CAN_HANDLE_PIECE_REQUEST fixed this.
  • For some reason vtkDataArraySelection wasn't being used, instead it was a special class that inherited from std::map that had some of the same functionality as vtkDataArraySelection. This meant when the array selection was changed, it wouldn't trigger an update.
  • If you accidentally chose an array that wasn't loaded for the image dimension array, it would fail gracefully then, but would crash when selecting a valid array after that because the ADIOS object was being unnecessarily reset.
  • Some users have their bp files end in bp4/bp5, so that's now possible to open with this reader.

Backport: paraview/release

Edited by Caitlin Ross

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