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Draft: Interactor style resembling common 3d editors such as Blender

Ruben de Bruin requested to merge rubendebruin/vtk:EditorStyle into master

This is a rewrite of:

The idea is to create an interactor that works like blender (and many other programs).

  • Selection using left button
  • Right button reserved for context menu
  • Navigation using middle button with
    • pan
    • zoom
    • rotation about the Z axis in a turn-table fashion
    • when zooming using mouse-wheel: pan towards or away from cursor position

And then (copied behaviour):

  • selecting actors using a rubber band
  • grabbing and dragging actors (need to have a look at where this is already implemented, the widget is nice)
  • measuring a distance on the screen (in-plane)

The current state has a working implementation of the rotation. Everything else is just a copy-paste of the TrackballActor interactor. But I'm glad I got this far. General feedback is welcome :-)


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