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    update ray tracing for compatibility with OSPRay 2 · 2ad10f74
    David E. DeMarle authored
    This update allows us to access volumetric path tracing
    and other new features of OSPRay 2 in VTK.
    However, since OSPRay2's raycast or "scivis" renderer is
    simpler than before, we lose shadows and multiple
    and colored light sources, gradient shaded volumes and
    specular highlights in that context. The regression tests
    and baselines have been adjusted accordingly.
    This commit compresses a long development branch by
    Carson Brownlee and David DeMarle. A selection of the commit
    message are as follows:
    RayTracedMolecules will be restored in the next commit
        style fixes for ospInit and ospShutdown call sites
        Returning ospShutdown resulted in segfaults in OpenVKL. So let's
        leave it as always on once started. VisRTX does the same and
        we've done it this way in earlier releases so it will probably
        be fine.
        restore temporal caching
        New approach is to simply cache the entire scene instead of
        individual props.
        Update the o...