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    Fix issues with VTK to VTK-m array conversion · 5a22c135
    Kenneth Moreland authored
    Change the VTK to VTK-m array conversion routines to use
    `ArrayHandleRuntimeVec` and `ArrayHandleRecombineVec`. These are new
    features of VTK-m that allow you to specify an array with the tuple size
    specified at runtime. This change improves three specific things.
    * Fixes a bug when importing an array of "odd" tuple size (not 1, 2,
      3, 4, 6, or 9). It was creating arrays of size one less than the
      actual size.
    * Avoids using `ArrayHandleGroupVecVariable`, which is supported by
      fewer VTK-m filters.
    * The VTK-m `ArrayHandle` now manages a reference back to the VTK
      array, so the `ArrayHandle` will continue to work even if the
      original VTK array is "deleted." This makes the code safer.
    * Unifies the implementation of the array conversion among number of
      components to avoid issues with surprise tuple sizes.