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Consolidate WarpScalar and WarpVector filter

Kenneth Moreland requested to merge kmorel/vtk-m:update-warps into master

In reflection, the WarpScalar filter is surprisingly a superset of the WarpVector features. WarpScalar has the ability to displace in the directions of the mesh normals. In VTK, there is a distinction of normals to vectors, but in VTK-m it is a matter of selecting the correct one. As such, it makes little sense to have two separate implementations for the same operation. The filters have been combined and the interface names have been generalized for general warping (e.g., "normal" or "vector" becomes "direction").

In addition to consolidating the implementation, the Warp filter implementation has been updated to use the modern features of VTK-m's filter base classes. In particular, when the Warp filters were originally implemented, the filter base classes did not support more than one active scalar field, so filters like Warp had to manage multiple fields themselves. The FilterField base class now allows specifying multiple, indexed active fields, and the updated implementation uses this to manage the input vectors and scalars.

The Warp filters have also been updated to directly support constant vectors and scalars, which is common for WarpScalar and WarpVector, respectively. Previously, to implement a constant field, you had to add a field containing an ArrayHandleConstant. This is still supported, but an easier method of just selecting constant vectors or scalars makes this easier.

Internally, the implementation now uses tricks with extracting array components to support many different array types (including ArrayHandleConstant. This allows it to simultaneously interact with coordinates, directions, and scalars without creating too many template instances.

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