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Get the 3D index from a BoundaryState in WorkletPointNeighborhood

There are occasions when you need a worklet to opeate on 2D or 3D indices. Most worklets operate on 1D indices, which requires recomputing the 3D index in each worklet instance. A workaround is to use a worklet that does a 3D scheduling and pull the working index from that.

The problem was that there was no easy way to get this 3D index. To provide this option, a feature was added to the BoundaryState class that can be provided by WorkletPointNeighborhood.

Thus, to get a 3D index in a worklet, use the WorkletPointNeighborhood, add Boundary as an argument to the ExecutionSignature, and then call GetCenterIndex on the BoundaryState object passed to the worklet operator.

Fixes #753 (closed)

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