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Split flying edges and marching cells into separate filters

Louis Gombert requested to merge louis.gombert/vtk-m:contour-split into master

The Contour filter is now using either ContourFlyingEdges or ContourMarchingCubes filters depending on the type of CellSet provided. These new filters are usable independently and inherit from a common AbstractContour interface. The Contour API is left unchanged.

Left do to :

  • Update unit tests for the new filters
  • Make ContourFlyingEdges and ContourMarchingCubes more robust (don't accept any input)
  • Possibly factorize ContourFlyingEdges.cxx and ContourMarchingCubes.cxx (lots of repetition)
  • Update documentation and changelog
  • Rebase into 1 commit

Close #773 (closed)

Edited by Louis Gombert

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