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Fix fast paths for ArrayRangeCompute

Kenneth Moreland requested to merge kmorel/vtk-m:array-range-fast-paths into master

The precompiled ArrayRangeCompute function was not following proper fast paths for special arrays. For example, when computing the range of an ArrayHandleUniformPointCoordinates, the ranges should be taken from the origin and spacing of the special array. However, the precompiled version was calling the generic range computation, which was doing an unnecessary reduction over the entire array. These fast paths have been fixed.

These mistakes in the code were caused by quirks in how templated method overloading works. To prevent this mistake from happening again in the precompiled ArrayRangeCompute function and elsewhere, all templated forms of ArrayRangeCompute have been deprecated. Most will call ArrayRangeCompute with no issues. For those that need the templated version, ArrayRangeComputeTemplate replaces the old templated ArrayRangeCompute. There is exactly one templated declaration of ArrayRangeComputeTemplate that uses a class, ArrayRangeComputeImpl, with partial specialization to ensure the correct form is used.

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