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Privatize NewFilterParticleAdvection::DoExecute

Li-Ta Lo requested to merge ollielo/vtk-m:privatize_do_execute into master

The design of the NewFilter interface loosely follow the Non-Virtual Interface pattern

The DoExecute and DoExecutePartition are supposed to be overridden by subclasses and be private. The only occasion for them to be protected is when a subclass is further extended and the sub-subclasses needs to call the subclass' DoExecute, e.g. Contour and Slice.

In this particular case, making NewFilterParticleAdvection::DoExecute private also ensure that subclass' DoExecutePartition will not accidentally call NewFilterParticleAdvection::DoExecute without overriding it first, which will result in infinite recursion (since NewFilterParticleAdvection::DoExecute calls DoExecutePartition.

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