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Consolidate count-to-offset algorithms

For no particularly good reason, there were two functions that converted and array of counts to an array of offsets: ConvertNumComponentsToOffsets and ConvertNumIndicesToOffsets. These functions were identical, except one was defined in ArrayHandleGroupVecVariable.h and the other was defined in CellSetExplicit.h.

These two functions have been consolidated into one (which is now called ConvertNumComponentsToOffsets). The consolidated function has also been put in its own header file: ConvertNumComponentsToOffsets.h.

Normally, backward compatibility would be established using deprecated features. However, one of the things being worked on is the removal of device-specific code (e.g. vtkm::cont::Algorithm) from core classes like CellSetExplicit so that less code needs to use the device compiler (especially downstream code).

Part of this change removed unnecessary includes of Algorithm.h in ArrayHandleGroupVecVariable.h and CellSetExplicit.h. This header had to be added to some classes that were not including it themselves.

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