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CellSetExplicit uses UInt8 for shape, and IdComponent for numIndices.

This changes the value types of of the CellSetExplicit so that we both use less memory, and also make it easier to interop with VTK.

The change of shape type from vtkm::Id to vtkm::UInt8 will allow us to easily use, and send our shape type array to a VTK UnstructuredGrid.

The change of the numIndices array to is merely allow memory reduction, as I don't expect us ever needing more than 2^31 mappings from CellToPoint, PointToCell, etc.


While this branch actually increases the complexity of using CellSetExplicit I am going to add helper CellSets such as:

  • CellSetSingleCellType
  • CellSetWithBlanking ( a permutated cell set )

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