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vtk-m Cmake Refactor Round 2

Continues the work from !996 (closed)

Finishes the following tasks:

  1. Benchmarks have been moved out of the vtkm directory to clarify the fact that they are more like examples/utilities and not something that should be 'core' vtk-m

  2. Device Adapter specific Unit Tests now actually use the request device adapter ( instead of always using cuda when it was enabled )

  3. The 'native' option for CUDA works again

  4. Rendering context selection is now done with 'VTKm_ENABLE_GL_CONTEXT', 'VTKm_ENABLE_OSMESA_CONTEXT', 'VTKm_ENABLE_EGL_CONTEXT' all of which are mutually exclusive.


  6. CUDA device code can now use constexpr like limits::max()

  7. All examples are now converted over to the new cmake code

  8. Added VTKm_INSTALL_ONLY_LIBRARIES option which resolves paraview/paraview#17747 (closed)

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