Commit 6d20e7c9 authored by Hans Johnson's avatar Hans Johnson
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STYLE: Prefer = default to explicitly trivial implementations

This check replaces default bodies of special member functions with
= default;. The explicitly defaulted function declarations enable more
opportunities in optimization, because the compiler might treat
explicitly defaulted functions as trivial.

Additionally, the C++11 use of = default more clearly expreses the
intent for the special member functions.
parent d07092a0
......@@ -66,7 +66,7 @@ class CommandLineArgumentsMapOfStrucs
class CommandLineArgumentsInternal
CommandLineArgumentsInternal() {}
CommandLineArgumentsInternal() = default;
using VectorOfStrings = CommandLineArgumentsVectorOfStrings;
using CallbacksMap = CommandLineArgumentsMapOfStrucs;
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