Commit 0fe7214d authored by Hans Johnson's avatar Hans Johnson
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STYLE: Make prototype match definition names

Enforce consistency in large projects, where it often happens that a definition
of function is refactored, changing the parameter names, but its declaration in
header file is not updated. With this check, we can easily find and correct
such inconsistencies, keeping declaration and definition always in sync.

Unnamed parameters are allowed and are not taken into account when comparing
function declarations
parent 2a4c1252
......@@ -356,7 +356,7 @@ public:
// Retrieve memory information in KiB.
LongLong GetHostMemoryTotal();
LongLong GetHostMemoryAvailable(const char* envVarName);
LongLong GetHostMemoryAvailable(const char* hostLimitEnvVarName);
LongLong GetHostMemoryUsed();
LongLong GetProcMemoryAvailable(const char* hostLimitEnvVarName,
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