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    Merge 2.11RC->Trunk... · 911560b2
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    * A native MOAB (Mesh Object datABase) plugin was added thanks to Iulian R. Grindeanu and Vijay S. Mahadevan at ANL.
    * Several HDF5-based plugins were missing some VisIt-specific file opening and closing logic to detect bad HDF5 actors.
      These were the ALS, AMR, PVLD, SXRIS and XGC plugins. In theory, users should see no difference in behavior.
    * The Exodus plugin was enhanced to build against classic netCDF which does not require HDF5 or netCDF 4, which does
      require HDF5.
    * New CMake variables for packages that may be built either for serial or for parallel were introduced.
      These new variables have _MPIPAR appended just after the package moniker (e.g. HDF5_MPIPAR_DIR). When it is necessary to
      distinguish between serial and parallel installations of a package, the _MPIPAR variables are used to reference a
      parallel-enabled package's installation whereas the non_MPIPAR variables reference a serial installation.
      Otherwise, only the non_MPIPAR variables are used. And, depending on the build
      circumstances, the non_MPIPAR variables may refer to either a serial or a parallel package installation.
    *  Proliferant references to ${ZLIB_LIB} variable in database plugins .xml files was removed. Only those plugins that
       actually directly call zlib library functions need it.
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