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ENH: Add widget to specify labelmap geometry in segmentations

  • Add qMRMLSegmentationGeometryWidget that allows the user to specify a volume/segmentation/model/ROI as source, and set geometry details
    • For segmentation with labelmap master it is possible to set isotropic spacing and oversampling factor. Spacing cannot be set manually in these cases
    • For model, ROI, or segmentation with poly data master the parent transform is used for orientation, user input for spacing, and the bounding box for origin and extent
  • Add qMRMLSegmentationGeometryDialog that has a geometry widget in it, and OK and Cancel buttons if editing is enabled, and an OK button otherwise. If resampling is requested, then besides setting the reference image geometry conversion parameter, the existing segments are resampled to the specified geometry
  • Add button in row of master volume in Segment Editor widget that opens the geometry dialog
  • Replace button in conversion parameters dialog for specifying reference image geometry. Before it was a simple dialog that allowed selecting a volume, now the new geometry dialog shows up
  • Add python test for testing all kinds of scenarios for segmentation labelmap geometry calculation
  • Crash fixed in vtkCalculateOversamplingFactor: when factor was very low, invalid extent was calculated and then crashed when calculating spacing based on that

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