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ENH: Update LibArchive. Fix gcc8 warnings.

phcerdan requested to merge github/fork/phcerdan/update_libarchive into master

The gcc8 warnings were generating build errors at Debug mode, because the aggressive Werror flag in LibArchive.

git shortlog 98a695399e8e7420635a5448aecde8b0a82fb83a..d7dea508

Arshan Khanifar (7): flush pending chdirs prior to processing mtree files Test case for using -C in conjunction with an @mtree format file corrected licensing, removed unnecessary variables build fail fix, simplified logic absolute path fix alphabetical order put the absolute path in quotes in case user's directory has spaces in it

BenjaminTrapani (9): Fix bsdtar test compilation on windows with platform toolset 141 Fix missing hardlink source test windows Fix version format to match unit test Copy reference resource to binary directory to make it possible to debug tests via visual studio cmake Add space after version to fix all unit tests besides sparse tests Fix sparse tests windows Revert "Copy reference resource to binary directory to make it possible to debug" Fix indentation to match rest of file Fix warnings treated as errors during x64 build

Bernard Spil (1): fix build with LibreSSL 2.7

Brad King (1): Do not use nanosecond file time APIs on macOS < 10.13

Chris Roberts (1): Check libgnu for xattr functions on Haiku

Colin Percival (1): Avoid overflow when reading corrupt cpio archive

Ed Maste (1): ensure ar strtab is null terminated

Graham Percival (1): Spelling fixes

Joerg Sonnenberger (12): Don't call wmemmove if size is zero. Revert addition of assert. Do something sensible for empty strings to make fuzzers happy. Match full strings, not just prefixes. Don't allow sparse mapping entry to pass beyond 63bit. Place a limit on the mtree line length to make fuzzers happy. Ensure that the AES extension header is large enough. Avoid a read off-by-one error for UTF16 names in RAR archives. Fix case in comment. Match archive.h for la_int64_t vs int64_t Fix archive freeing bug in bsdcat. Check size of the extended time field in zip archives

John Starks (2): Windows: set errno on CreateFileW failure zip: Allow backslash as path separator

Martin Matuska (8): Merge pull request #926 from emaste/libarchive archive_write_ar_data(): replace strncpy() with memcpy() bsdtar manpage: unify descriptions of compression options Fix build on FreeBSD with NFS4 ACLs without ACL_ENTRY_INHERITED Remove lzop package from Darwin testing Unbreak write test for libzstd 1.3.4 Merge pull request #973 from o3dwade:master Add some gzip header tests including RFC 1952 compression level flag

Martin Matuška (1): Merge pull request #968 from trollixx/cmake-lz4-option

Mike Frysinger (1): delete dead ppmd7 alloc callbacks (#893)

Oleg Shparber (2): cmake: Add ENABLE_LZ4 option cmake: Fix missing override for LZO2_FOUND

Omar Farooq (1): Adding compression level support for gzip

Pablo Hernandez-Cerdan (1): Fix gcc 8 warning about strncpy

Paul Spangler (2): archive_write_disk_{posix,windows}.c: Don't modify attributes for existing directories when ARCHIVE_EXTRACT_NO_OVERWRITE is set Simplify test case per PR comments

Sean Purcell (14): Add Zstandard read support Add Zstandard write support Small zstd fixes Add zstd test suite Whitespace fixes Fix zstd reader and change variable scopes Fix compile errors with cmake and when zstd isn't present Skip zstd write tests when library not present Don't try to use libzstd versions without streaming API Build with zstd on TravisCI on OS X zstd: Address comments by @terrelln zstd: Don't bid on skippable frames Fix alphabetical order, other small fixes Fix zstd memory allocation and null checks

Tim Kientzle (19): Libarchive 3.3.3dev Issue #924: fix capitalization of bcrypt.h header Merge pull request #929 from cperciva/master Merge pull request #930 from Tarsnap/spelling-upload Merge pull request #934 from tonytheodore/cflags-private Merge pull request #905 from iburinoc/zstd Merge pull request #943 from jrmarino/master Issue #947: Reference archive_write_set_options in archive_write.3 Merge pull request #912 from korli/libnetwork Merge pull request #961 from zweger/master Merge pull request #964 from legnaleurc/fix_fallthrough Merge pull request #970 from jstarks/zip_path_separator Merge pull request #966 from jstarks/windows_disk_read_error Merge pull request #962 from spanglerco/existing-dir-owner Merge pull request #986 from BenjaminTrapani/windows-fixes Merge pull request #989 from trollixx/cmake-fix-lzo2 Merge pull request #993 from ArshanKhanifar/issue-991 Merge pull request #1005 from Sp1l/master Merge pull request #1024 from phcerdan/fix_strncpy_warning

Tony Theodore (1): add Cflags.private for static linking

Wei-Cheng Pan (1): Fix -Werror=implicit-fallthrough= for GCC 7.

Zack Weger (1): Clear the ZIP format name before constructing a new one, so it isn't appended to the format name of the previous entry

jrmarino (1): Recognize ".tzst" extension as ".tar.zst"

ngie (1): Fix a potential NULL pointer dereference of tar in archive_read_support_format_tar when HAVE_COPYFILE_H is defined (#959)

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