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ENH: Update VTK

Sam Horvath requested to merge update-vtk into master

Created by: jcfr

In addition to the list of changes listed below, this commit allows to disable the effect of these Slicer commits when building against VTK9:

  • r23656 (BUG: 3808: fix failing test - add some pointer checks)
  • r23648 (BUG: fixes for 3808 fiducial picking issue)
  • r25672 (BUG: Fixed picking of markups in 3D view)

Indeed, thanks to commit kitware/VTK@8e4f2f7 from "Johan Andruejol" and "Ken Martin", the workaround specific to Slicer/VTK fork originally implemented by "Steve Pieper" is not needed anymore.

This properly address issue

A side effect is that fiducial are not disabled anymore in lightbox mode.

Highlighted list of changes

  • kitware/VTK@3b814e9 (from Andras Lasso ENH: Improve scene exporters and STL, OBJ, and PLY file IO

    • Allow reading/writing custom comments in STL, PLY, and OBJ files. This allows storing metadata, such as coordinate system, unit, or color in the files.
    • Allow reading/writing binary comments (that can contain 0 character) for STL files. This allows reading/writing color information in Mimics-style (Mimics software writes RGBA color as 4 bytes in STL file binary header).
    • Allow specifying renderer for exporting: Some exporters rejected to export a scene when more renderers were associated with a render window. This was an issue because it prevented scene export when additional renderers were used for displaying various annotations on the render window. Instead of hardcoding using the first renderer, added a ActiveRenderer member, which defines which renderer content should be exported. If not set then the first renderer is used, so the behavior is backward-compatible.
    • Fixed writing of of .mtl file path in .obj file (full path of .mtl file was written into the .obj file).

    Slicer: Used in Segmentation and SegmentEditor modules

  • kitware/VTK@8e4f2f7 (from Johan Andruejol Fix picking through a disabled widget with picking manager on

    With picking manager on, it was impossible to pick a widget if a disabled widget was in front of it. To fix this, we have: - In the old style widgets (derived only from vtkInteractorObserver), we went through all the implementation and added the unregistration/registration of the pickers in the SetEnabled() method.

    • In new style widgets (derived from vtkAbstractWidget and vtkWidgetRepresentation) the method RegisterPickers and UnRegisterPickers have been moved into the representation public API to be able to be called by the widget's SetEnabled() method. This allows the widget to register and unregisters the pickers as necessary when enabled and disabled.

    In both cases we also implemented the SetPickingManaged method as previously the PickingManaged property was never used anywhere in the code base. Similarly, the PickersModified() method was removed as its purpose seemed redundant to SetPickingManaged().

    The test TestPickingManagerSeedWidget2 was added to demonstrate/test the picking behind a disabled widget.

    For more background information, see

    Co-Authored-by: Ken Martin Co-Authored-by: Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin Thanks: Steve Pieper

    Slicer: Allow to remove workaround and Slicer/VTK specific patch associated with issue #3808

  • kitware/VTK@d36b129 (from Andrew Bauer Improve vtkAppendFilter efficiency (used by vtkAppendPolyData itself used in

    If there's a single unstructured grid in the composite dataset we now just do a shallow copy of that to the output.

    Slicer: used in vtkSlicerTransformLogic, vtkSlicerSegmentationsModuleLogic, vtkOrientedImageDataResample, vtkMRMLVolumeNode, MergeModels CLI, and ScriptedSegmentEditor templates

  • kitware/VTK@a7988f5 (from Francois Budin OpenGL2: Check that context exists before trying to pop context.

    On some linux drivers (such as nvidia version 384.111 and 387.34) setting the context to zero causes a segfault so check before setting in cases where the destruction may be trying to pop to a zero context.

  • kitware/VTK@a7988f5 (from Ken Martin Add support for writing larger unstructured grids

    Patch from gitlab Constantine @Butakoff

    Slicer: used in vtkMRMLModelStorageNode and ProbeVolumeWithModel

Complete list of changes

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