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STYLE: Remove dead code for BlobDetection and ConnectedComponent CLI modules

Sam Horvath requested to merge remove-not-built-clis into master

Created by: jcfr

The code has NOT been compiled since r20744 [1] from August 2010.


Associated issue was:

And a excerpt from @pieper reply from 2012 on the slicer-devel [2] mailing list thread entitled Re: Adding new modules to Slicer core? :

I haven't looked at this in detail, but I think the module has the potential for wide utility, but since it's currently disabled it's not yet widely used. It also seems that it doesn't have documentation, which is probably why it is currently disabled. So yes, for now I think BlobDetection and the related module ConnectedComponent should move to an extension (as should a few other specialized modules). We should probably make this a group project at some point, but as we discussed on yesterday's call performance optimization and ITKv4 are higher priorities right now :)


For reference, see also associated discourse topic:

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