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ENH: User and developer guide as RestructuredText **WIP**

Sam Horvath requested to merge rst-user-and-dev-guide into master

Created by: jcfr

This is a first draft of the user and developer documentation rendered on

Documentations is organized in two directories

  • Docs/user_guide
  • Docs/developer_guide

For now, readthedocs will automatically regenerate the documentation each time the branch Slicer/Slicer@rst-user-and-dev-guide is updated.

Configuration files is Docs/

After running:

cd Slicer
pip install -r requirements-dcos.txt

on either Windows or Unix, it can locally be generated running:

cd Docs
make html


  • Consider both installing the requirement and running make html from a virtual environment.

  • I think sections like News, Image Gallery, Tutorials, Slicer Community, Labs, Developer Hangout, FAQs should probably remain on the wiki.

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