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20110821 addb4

Hans Johnson requested to merge github/fork/BRAINSia/20110821_ADDB4 into master

JC and Julien,

I have addressed all the issues that each of you posed in earlier pull requests.

This set of patches addresses several problems I ran into while making a version of ITKv3 and ITKv4 versions of Slicer4 that also resurect the BRAINSTools integration.

I've successfully built both ITKv3 and ITKv4 versions from the same source tree, and verified that the same tests pass/fail on both versions. (qSlicerAnnotationModuleTest1 and qSlicerVolumeRenderingModuleTest1 fail in both cases, but that is unrelated to this work).

I feel that this version is ready to be merged into Slicer, and can do that soon. I just wanted to give you the opportunity to evaluate this set of patches before I submit, but since this has been mostly reviewed in previous e-mails, I do plant to submit late tonight so that I can address the dashboards early tomorrow morning.

PS: Ron K. is interested in getting BRAINSTools back into the normal build cycle right away, so that is why I want to get this pushed in as soon as possible so that he can work on tutorials and other marketing again.

Regards, Hans

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