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3401 remove legacy module

Sam Horvath requested to merge github/fork/jcfr/3401-remove-legacy-module into master

Created by: jcfr

The PR removed the following CLIs from the Slicer code base (see slicer issue #3401 and this wiki page):

  • AffineRegistration
  • BSplineDeformableRegistration
  • LinearRegistration
  • RigidRegistration
  • MRIBiasFieldCorrection
  • MultiResolutionAffineRegistration
  • OtsuThresholdImageFilter
  • OtsuThresholdSegmentation

The code (and testing data) associated with each CLI modules has been added to a dedicated GitHub repository:

Note that the Slicer license and a file has been automatically added to each repo to explain that the module has been deprecated and is not maintained.

For example:

For reference, the script that allows to automatically add the README file is

@pieper, @fedorov, @lassoan Please let me know if one of this module should NOT be removed.

What is the status regarding the FiducialRegistration module ? Since we now have LandmarkRegistration, can we confirm it should also be removed ?

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