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ENH: Added support for oriented grid Transform

  • Added a new class, vtkOrientedGridTransform, which is based on vtkGridTransform but orientation of the grid can be specified as well.
  • Added test for vtkOrientedGridTransform to verify its derivative and inverse computation and equivalence with ITK displacement field transform.
  • Simplified vtkMRMLGridTransform node: transform parameters are read/written into ITK transform file, no duplicate saving is done in the scene.
  • Removed unused vtkITK files: itkDisplacementFieldTransform, itkEncodedTransformFileReader/Writer, as they were not used (and some of them even had the same name as existing ITK files).
  • Support reading/writing of grid transform from/to nrrd, nhdr, mha, mhd, nii, nii.gz files


Partially resolves:

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