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ENH: Added visualization of transforms


  • Support non-linear transforms in the Transforms module: allow Apply, Harden, Invert transform
  • Transform information displayed in the Transforms module (type of transform, basic properties)
  • Transform visualization: ** Built into the Transforms module ** Three main modes: Glyphs (show an array of arrows, cones, spheres), Grid (show a deformed grid), or Contour (show isolines/isosurfaces for specified displacement magnitude values) ** All transform types are supported (chains of transforms as well) ** Visualization in the slice viewers ** Visualization in the 3D viewers, in the specified region (region can be a slice viewer, a volume, or a ROI widget) ** Real-time update: if the transform (or any visualization parameter) is changed then the visualization is updated immediately (interactive visualization while editing the transform) ** Built-in colormap editor
  • MetaImage (mha), NIFTI (nii) vector volumes can be loaded as displacement field (grid) transform

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