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ENH: Speedup (from 2x to 10x faster) and simplify python tests

Created by: jcfr

  • Run python self tests with a messageDelay of 100ms. Message delay is used in function "delayDisplay" to (1) let the event loop catch up to the state of the test and (2) to display a meaningful message when running test interactively from Slicer.

    When running tests on the dashboard, there is no need to wait too long before each test steps. This commit sets a default of 50ms when tests are executed from the module panel. It also provides a Slicer to change the value.

  • Refactor tests to use ScriptedLoadableModule base classes

  • Remove redundant test case AbdominalAtlasTest already coverted by AtlasTests

  • Remove duplicated implementation of functions like takeScreenshot.

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