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Allow frames-per-second specification as alternative to video length.

Sam Horvath requested to merge github/fork/torquil/screencapture_fps into master

Created by: torquil

In the ScreenCapture extension, it has been necessary to specify the output video length. The number of input frames is also specified. From this the FPS value using by FFMPEG has been computed by Slicer.

However, in some cases it is necessary to specify the input FPS of a series of images, e.g. X-ray fluoroscopy frames taken at particular FPS. Since only a finite number of digits is allowed in the video length specification, it is not always possible to specify a video length that will give the exact input FPS for a given number of input frames. Sometimes the exact FPS is important, e.g. in cases where synchronization with other data is used.

This change allows the user to choose between video length or input frame FPS to resolve this problem.

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