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COMP: Update CTK, solves missing header gcc8-VTKv9

Mainly to solve compilation error with gcc8, vtk9, solved here:

$ git shortlog --no-merges f0386cba0dd62d728bca9a00a2c89bc0528ff768..26478d25fba7596d185ee70e2c6d451de57d99c3

Andras Lasso (1):
      ENH: Enabled Python wrapping for ctkColorDialog

Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin (4):
      COMP: Remove obsolete use of remaining "qt5_use_modules"
      COMP: Fix missing ctkCompilerDetections_p.h when building configadmin tests
      ci: Switch to CircleCI 2.0
      ci: Remove obsolete script and dockerfiles

Pablo Hernandez-Cerdan (1):
      COMP: Missing header

jamesobutler (1):
      BUG: Fix incorrect changed settings indicator

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