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ENH: Updating SimpleFilter remote module

Created by: blowekamp

This updates adds a check box to set output as LabelMap, A Restore defaults button, and print of filter to be run in python code to set filter.

$ git log --oneline fc1f06..3bc2f 3bc2fdc Adding button "Restore" defaults 0d27412 ENH: improving responsiveness of main_queue_process 51d14b7 STYLE: move apply bottom to match CLI interface 49ec882 ENH: print object oriented python code to create filter before running 5d0a528 ENH: When a labelmap input is selected the output changes to labelmap aa7ddc5 Update node selector and checkbox with LabelMap state d4a5116 move output box and labelmap checkbox to self variables 648f736 Adding CheckBox to set output volume as label map

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