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ENH: patch to support visual c++ express 2010

Isaiah requested to merge github/fork/ihnorton/vc++exp2010_cmake_win into master

Based on value of CMAKE_BUILD_TOOL:

  1. customizes the target parameter, either "/target:TARGET" for msbuild (Visual C++ Express 2010) or "/project " for devenv (VS full versions 2008 and 2010)
  2. customizes the configuration/platform argument: msbuild: /p:Configuration=CONFIGURATION /p:Platform=PLATFORM devenv: simply "CONFIGURATION|PLATFORM"


  1. adds a check for Slicer_USE_PYTHONQT_WITH_TCL. If true, sets the python_PATCH_COMMAND. This needs to be conditional because CMake fails if there is no argument for "-P" switch when the patch command is called. The ${script} variable is set under the same conditional Slicer_USE_PYTHONQT_WITH_TCL at line 35.

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