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    In response to numerous constructive critisms of the newly added suite of BRAINSTools, a code review was performed in order to make the applications work consistenently and with similar user interfaces.
    Summary of ChangeLog:
    -Instrumented xml files so that moving images are properly associated with their transforms in the Slicer3 MRML Interface.
    -Made command line arguments consistent across tools for specifying images, transforms, similar parameters.
    -Hid many advanced command line arguments from standard user interface when used from Slicer3
    -Improved documentation of command line arguments to describe better what the intended purpose, and restrictions on use are.
    -Added common set of image resample/warping options across all tools so that all tools provide common interface for choosing outputPixelType and interpolation mode
    -Fixed reading and writing of transforms to use a common read/write paradigm, to be consistent across all tools, and to be compatible with Slicer3 (i.e. Write out Bspline transforms with the bulk transform given second).
    -Increased code coverage by merging common functionality that existed in each tool separately into the BRAINSCommonLIb, thus removing code, and ensuring that exactly the same behavior was done across all tools.
    -Worked around bug where ITK LSBFGSB optimizer does not properly return the number of iterations performed,  This improperly reported that Bspline registrations were never done when doing a Bspline registration alone.
    -Improved source code documentation for commonly used functions.
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