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    ADIOS support for unstructured, polydata, image, and multiblock, multipiece · a7036ba9
    Burlen Loring authored
    * add support for read(ADIOSDataAdaptor)/write(ADIOSAnalysisAdaptor)
      of unstructured, polydata, image and multiblock, multipiece via ADIOS.
      The previuous work for image data was refactored into the new
      hierarchical approach.
    * The code that serializes and deserializes VTK data objec ts to and
    * from ADIOS streams is encapsulated in classes in sensei::ADIOSSchema
      Schema -- base class defines common API
      DataObjectSchema -- serializes/deserializes at the highest level. This
                          is the user facing class that manages the low
                          level classes,
      DatasetSchema -- seriealizes/deserializes dataset level attributes and
                       manages the lower level classes.
      Extent3DSchema -- serializes/deserializes properties unique to VTK's
                        extent based datasets
      DatasetAttributesSchema -- serializes/deserializes attribute data arrays
                                 templated on attribute type(POINT/CELL).
      CellsSchema -- serializes/deserializes cells
      PointsSchema -- serializes/deserializes points
    * adds supprt for all array data type supported by VTK including vtkIdType
      and other integer types.
    * Update the end point to better handle temporal information.
    * Update the end point to detect and handle error conditions.
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