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    Modernize sensei's VTKm support. · 1cc543d2
    David Thompson authored
    + Do not require a modern VTKm when analyses (such as VTKmContourAnalysis)
      use the vtkAcceleratorsVtkm library in VTK rather than VTKm directly.
    + Make usage of vtkAcceleratorsVtkm a build option (ENABLE_VTK_ACCELERATORS).
    + Add a direct VTKm analysis adaptor: VTKmVolumeReductionAnalysis, which
      performs a Haar wavelet transform and keeps only the low-frequency
      component in order to reduce image-data down to a manageable size.
    + Require a modern VTKm for direct VTKm analysis adaptors.
      Make direct usage of VTK-m a build option (ENABLE_VTKM).
    + Be explicit about installing header files. Using globbing is discouraged
      as it slows CMake down and can produce counterintuitive results.
    + Add a CinemaHelper class used by the VTKmVolumeReductionAnalysis to
      write out data for post-hoc visualization using cinema/arctic-viewer.
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