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    Miscellaneous vtkContextInteractorStyle fixes. · 5e791b5c
    Utkarsh Ayachit authored
    1. Fixed TimerId type. vtkRenderWindowInteractor defines the TimerId
    type as int. vtkContextInteractorStyle now uses the same type.
    2. Fixed timer creation. OnSceneModifed() was repeatedly creating new
    timers even when previous one hadn't timed out yet. Fixed that. Also,
    RenderNow() ensures that old timers are destroyed.
    3. RenderNow() now uses Interactor->Render() rather than
    Interactor->GetRenderWindow()->Render(). vtkRenderWindowInteractor has
    API to control how and if an interaction should trigger a render on the
    window. Calling RenderWindow->Render() bypasses all that logic resulting
    is mismatch between how interactions work in Render views and Chart views.
    This fixes that issue.
    Change-Id: I58798615070d97ba9a00ccc21919a5d518bdac22
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