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    ENH: Improve scene exporters and STL, OBJ, and PLY file IO · 3b814e96
    Andras Lasso authored
    - Allow reading/writing custom comments in STL, PLY, and OBJ files. This allows storing metadata, such as coordinate system, unit, or color in the files.
    - Allow reading/writing binary comments (that can contain 0 character) for STL files. This allows reading/writing color information in Mimics-style (Mimics software writes RGBA color as 4 bytes in STL file binary header).
    - Allow specifying renderer for exporting: Some exporters rejected to export a scene when more renderers were associated with a render window. This was an issue because it prevented scene export when additional renderers were used for displaying various annotations on the render window. Instead of hardcoding using the first renderer, added a ActiveRenderer member, which defines which renderer content should be exported. If not set then the first renderer is used, so the behavior is backward-compatible.
    - Fixed writing of of .mtl file path in .obj file (full path of .mtl file was written into the .obj file).
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