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    New feature for vtkPointDataToCellData and vtkCellDataToPointData · 7014b417
    Max Zeyen authored
    New feature gives an option allowing the selective processing of data arrays.
    The default is still standard behavior.
    Filter vtkPointDataToCellData modified
    Added an option to activate a new feature in the filter.
    It allows users to select which point data arrays the filter should be applied to.
    Selective vtkPointDataToCellData and vtkCellDataToPointData
    The two VTK filters mentioned above got a new feature allowing them
    to perform their operations only on data arrays selected by the user.
    Documentation and code cleanup
    Documented the newly added functionality to vtkPointDataToCellData and vtkCellDataToPointData.
    Cleaned and modernized the code a little (C++11).
    Adding Tests for new Filter feature
    Modified the test of CellDataToPointData to test the new feature.
    Created a new test for PointDataToCellData to test the new feature.
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