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    Made some things really deprecated, instead of only commented · 176ff4bb
    Sean McBride authored
    - Added VTK_DEPRECATED macro, which can be used to deprecated a class. Used it to deprecate vtkExtractArraysOverTime and vtkPExtractArraysOverTime. Unwrapped their New method from VTK_LEGACY, since the vtkTypeMacro in the line after invokes New (causing a warning of the use of a deprecated method).
    - Deprecated vtkTimerLog::AllocateLog and replaced remaining uses of it
    - Wrap vtkContourGrid::ComputeGradients in VTK_LEGACY_REMOVE
    - Added a macro to decorate printf-style functions, like vtkTimerLog::FormatAndMarkEvent
    - Exclude FormatAndMarkEvent() from wrapping to avoid -Wformat-security warning, but also because the parameter is not guarded against uncontrolled format string attacks.
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