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    KWSys 2012-10-01 (bab53989) · 5d0de36d
    Kitware Robot authored and Brad King's avatar Brad King committed
    Extract upstream KWSys using the following shell code.
    $ sha1=bab53989d7c4027259bff837574f75003396d59f &&
    git archive --prefix=KWSys-snapshot/ $sha1 |
    tar x
    $ git log 719638e2..bab53989 ^341043cf --no-merges --oneline --abbrev=8
    bab53989 Tell Git to check tab-in-indent and no-lf-at-eof
    8115bd1b SystemInformation: Pass extern "C" functions to sigaction
    4f4dd224 SystemInformation: Fix unused assignment warnings
    6b26d2fe SystemInformation: Use ifaddrs.h only where available
    381923ed SystemInformation: Use si_code constants only where available
    8f85338c SystemInformation: Use execinfo.h backtrace only where available
    a8e98f98 SystemInformation: Use Windows API more portably
    750b4b5c SystemInformation: Use long long or __int64 only where available
    8d2cafcd SystemInformation: Fix UNIX system includes for FQDN
    857bda17 SystemInformation: Report more information
    63cbea35 Add and configure developer setup helper scripts
    924466f5 SystemTools: Fix accidental bitwise instead of logical OR
    2f423229 SystemTools: Remove unused environ declaration
    a49c2417 Disable warnings about MS deprecation of C library
    e3390720 CTestConfig: Submit to dedicated KWSys dashboard